Gift Horse

We all know that saying right? Looking a gift horse in the mouth?


Look at those beautiful chompers…

For those of you who don’t know, one of the ways to check the value of a horse back in the day was to check the health of its teeth. And when you get a gift, the first thing you do should not be to check how valuable it is (kinda rude, amirite?). But I was put in that situation recently.

I’ve been investigating additional ways to supplement my income, and one that occurred to me (and ended up panning out) was checking out studies that need volunteers at the big research center in my city. I filled out the online screening forms and got a call back! A call back for the most promising study (read: $1400 over 7 months for 21 clinic visits). Perfect!  The over-the-phone screening went swell, and now I’m scheduled for a physical…that I’m not sure I’m going to keep.

Am I crazy? 

No. Not really. Come to find out, it’s a body fat study. To compare women’s body types. That’s all fine and dandy. I can handle a fat biopsy. I can handle an MRI. But additional restrictions of this study are:

  1. No prescription medication
    So much for the birth control I was prescribed right? Oh, and not to mention that every once in a while I have depression medication to take. I’m off it right now, but that isn’t necessarily permanent.
  2. No fluctuating weight
    Do you remember my goals? They really fall into three categories, one of which is being physically fit. So instead of continuing on the path to lose the remaining 47 lbs to get to my target weight, I’d have to be happy with where I am for the next 7+ months. By now, logging everything I eat and working out often has become second nature. Eating within my target calorie range is second nature. I would have to start breaking those habits.

So at this point, is $1400 ($400 after the first third and a lump $1000 at the end) over the course of seven months, worth not taking birth control, not taking depression meds, or even having to drop out if I were to get sick and need to take antibiotics? Or just not take them? Is it worth eating 600 more calories a day and not exercising consistently? As I was telling BF about this and mentioned I felt like I was looking a gift horse in the mouth, he had the following words of wisdom:

“I know, but there are other ways to save money and be healthy.”

And I looked at my phone for a while before responding with “Yeah…” Because the answer really is that simple. There are other ways to save money and be healthy. There are other studies to look at, there are other jobs I could take. There are other ways I could cut back and save. Yeah, an extra month of pay would be fantastic, but I have other things I want and need to accomplish, and I have the drive to accomplish them at this point in my life.

I’m not this person anymore (excuse the French):


I can’t just put my life on hold for seven months. So I’ll take the wise words that never would have occurred to me to heart: there are other ways to save money and be healthy.

3 thoughts on “Gift Horse

  1. I’m glad you didn’t take on the study. You need to be good to your mind and body, and even though the money might help your mind, the no-meds thing is quite worrisome, and the no weight loss thing is not good for you either!
    Keep looking for other options, while keeping in mind you need to be good to yourself!

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