April 2015 Goals Recap

I didn’t think I was that ambitious, but the amount of red below tells me I’m wrong.

  • Log into MFP every day and log all exercise/food intake today
  • Use the gym at least 3x a week
  • Complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred
  • Blog at least 12x this month (up three from March)
  • Read 2 books
  • Find a summer job (or two)
  • Create budget (prepare to possibly need to buy a new car by 2016)
  • Create Emergency Fund (goal – $200)
  • Pay down student loan balance
  • Create debt repayment plan (for real this time)
  • Side Hustle – set up Etsy store


I did pay $200 on my student loans in April, so there’s that! I also set-up my Etsy store, but I’m having more luck in getting things done person-to-person (e.g. I sold a blanket to a student). I also started a ketogenic diet…but that ties more in with things to come in May.


I didn’t buy another month at the gym, so I didn’t go 3x a week, I didn’t do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I blogged 7 times in April…so I think around twice a week is a good goal for me to set for right now, at least until the school year ends. I didn’t read the two books I picked. I also decided to not pursue an actual summer job. I’ll be doing odd jobs – tutoring, babysitting, selling things I’ve made – but I have a two week training in June, a week trip because I’m a bridesmaid in July, and a two day training in July…so 3/8 of the weeks of summer I have off I’m not available to work – making it difficult to hold a job that is summer only.


I started a ketogenic diet. I gained a lot of weight when I went home over break (mostly water I guess?) but I’ve managed to lose that so yay 🙂


April could have been better…but I really need to just manage my time better. I get caught up with work (finals weeks, putting in senior grades, etc.) and don’t work on my personal goals. Keeping my eyes on the prize is really where I need to focus.


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