I am a 25 year old Louisianian with too much stuff! I graduated in May ’14 with my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology. After a lot of diverse work experience (from instructional design to retail cashiering), I’m an advanced math and engineering design teacher at a magnet high school!

I’m currently not in the black…but I’m working on it! I’m working on learning about investing, retirement funds, and all that jazz…[although note I am not a certified finance guru, and a lot of what I’ve learned comes from the internet, so peruse at your own risk 🙂 ].

Hopefully, I will be able to actually hold myself accountable instead of looking back and saying “I spent how much on what?!” My current debt & progress made toward eradicating it can be seen in the sidebar on my blog.  If you have requests for post topics, I’ll provide! I’ll probably also whine about working out, how hard it is to stick to a budget, work stressors, and the like…and keep having mini quarter-life crises, so bear with me!


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