Catching-Up Part 3: Finances


And oh how it would. June-August haven’t exactly been kind to my finances.  The addition of car loan payments, student loan payments, root canal payments, increased gas usage, and a crazy electric bill (crazy from the fuel adjustment) have been driving me up the wall. Not to mention applying (for the second time, even though the first time wasn’t processed) to my university + a late fee (that I was told about to the last minute).

Current Net Worth:  -$19,638.26

BLAH. This is as of August 31, so it does not include my possible student loan for this semester. I also did not include the worth of my car.

  • -$13,371.04Student Loans – Not as high as it was because I have made two months worth of payments of $154.62
  • -$3000Car – This is comprised of however many necessary worth of payments of $150/month to my parents (who took out the literal loan).
  • -$1878.63Discover – Mostly consumer debt.
  • -$1007Root Canal – This is to my Care Credit card, which I took out and used to get a surprise root canal (the best kind of surprise) back in July.
  • -$498 University – What I owe from a past semester for tuition
  • -$417.92 Roommate – This is for general supplies and pet deposit.
  • +$116.41 – What I have in my bank account right now.

The plan is to knock out $300 in car loan payments, $417.92 in roommate payments, $48 in Discover card payments, $36  in root canal payments, and the full $498  for what I still owe my university for a total of $1299.92 in planned debt repayment for September.

I think this pretty much concludes catching y’all up with my life for the summer. Now on to September and a great way to finish the year!


Catching Up Part 2: Education


So after informing y’all of how July went (spoiler: terribly), I thought I wouldn’t be able to return to school for the fall to graduate. I wasn’t able to save the money for tuition and am not eligible for federal student aid, and I don’t have a very strong credit history.

Luckily, I believe that I will actually be able to graduate in December 2013! I don’t really have a plan for afterward, or a target beyond that BS (hardy harr harr), but after attempting to job search, everything and anything pretty much required at least a four-year degree in whatever (even if it didn’t pertain), which seems a little ridiculous, but I don’t make the rules.

Trying to figure out reentry to my university has been an…excuse my language…absolute pain in the ass. I left for a semester in the spring, so I had to apply for reentry, but my college would only accept me back if I showed that I had tried and made marked progress on treatment of my major depressive disorder, OCD, anxiety, etc. So I spent the entire summer going to see a psychiatrist, taking new meds, etc. Then in July my car died and loan repayments started, so I had no idea of how I would pay for tuition. So on a whim, I applied for a $2500 student loan with my personal bank…and was conditionally approved!

So here comes the red tape. I was approved to go back, but I had to re-reapply, but the system kept locking me out because I already had an application on file. So once I was able to actually apply (and pay another $40 application fee…grr), it was too late for the fall semester, so I had to apply for winter intersession, pay a cash $15 late fee to the bursar, bring that receipt to admissions, and now they’ll update my application for release back to my college so that I can be accepted in the first place.

Now once I’m accepted, I have to schedule my last two classes…which I had to get special permission from the math department to handle because lo and behold, instead of working with my school schedule as they said they were willing to, every single class I could have taken interfered with my work schedule. So now I have to wait until everything clears to schedule at all…and the deadline for that is … September 4.

But at this point all I need to do is schedule when my application clears, send my transcript to the loan people, and then pass my classes! So I’m incredibly thrilled that I will be graduated, not too thrilled about the additional debt, and ready for all of it to be done with so that I can get a big-kid job…or look at graduate school 😉

Catching Up Part 1: The New Job


So after informing y’all of how July went (spoiler: terribly), I let y’all know I was starting a new job August 1. So how’s that going?

It’s going not terribly.


  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Long-term Disability Insurance, Vision Coverage, New Balance discounts, Orthopaedic services discounts
  • Coworkers are nice
  • Supervisor is firm, but consistent
  • Pay is a little higher with allowances for raises
  • Room for job growth
  • Free food sometimes when med reps come through
  • Cycling Fridays for getting off early (So I don’t have to take off for appointments)


  • 20ish mile roundtrip commute every day
  • Buy & wear scrubs every day (instead of the business clothes I now have tons of)
  • Traffic is a PAIN IN THE A$$
  • It isn’t building my portfolio (I’m a cashier now, not a course creator 😦 )
  • LOTS of people interaction, and a lot of it isn’t pleasant (people don’t like their insurance, don’t want to pay, are in pain, etc. etc. etc.)

Overall it’s been a pretty pleasant experience. It’s a lot more mentally exhausting than my other job and isn’t as flexible (my old job I worked primarily alone and it was do what I needed to when I wanted etc. etc.), my boss isn’t a jerk and that’s been a relief. I’m also glad to finally have dental insurance. It all starts September 1, so I’ll be able to get additional problems fixed for not a ton of cash.  The pay isn’t as much as I would like it to be (or really to be honest as much as I need it to be), so I’m applying for part-time work, but I’m not sure whether that will pan out or not.

Ending Note: Scrubs. They’re comfy and it’s like wearing PJs to work…but I liked dressing up, so it’s a little sad-making that I can’t wear my dresses anymore.


I’m just going to go out on a limb here and call myself the worst pf blogger in the world. Not that I’m into self-shame and self-deprecation, but seriously self? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? And I have so many things going on that I should be telling y’all about, but instead I’ve been sleeping like crazy and experiencing them! 

August truly has flown by. At work someone asked me the date, and apparently it’s August 26th. Who could have guessed or predicted that calendars work that way???

I’ll have to do a mini-series this week so that I can update y’all & be caught up for when September starts!


No Spend Week – Take 2

This was even worse than week 1 in amount; however, I did have some no spend days!!! Granted, a lot of these purchases were for other people or were required (tuition), so it’s a little involuntary different. It was …

Pic. Source

  • Sunday – No purchases!!!
  • Monday – $86.49
    Target & I took my little brother to see Captain America.
  • Tuesday – No purchases!!!
  • Wednesday – $506.01; Deposited – $100 Savings, $930 Checking
    Gas, groceries, & tuition!!!
  • Thursday – $126.64
    Groceries, gas, & textbooks!
  • Friday – $7.25
    Daiquiri with friends 🙂 
  • Saturday – $22.64; Babysitting Monies – $30
    Treated BF to McDonald’s & Walmart

Total Spent – $741.73; Total deposited in Savings – $100
2 no spend days? Same last week! Although, my spend days were a lot higher…but on things like tuition & textbooks. Good luck with your own no spend weeks!!!
Note: Updated to include 9 Dragon food I forgot about… 


Goals for August 2011

Yeah yeah, I know it’s 8 days into August already, maybe a little late for a goals-post, but whatever! Now that I’m back in the states, part 1 of August is complete. I really don’t like Augusts or Mays. They’re very transitional in lifestyles. This August, for instance: Part 1: In Canada, bills paid; Part 2: At home, pay fee bill & do miscellaneous hang out stuff; Part 3: At school, pay bills and buy groceries and stuff, so preparing budgets (etc.) is sometimes a little weird. So, I digress.

August 2011 Goals

  1. Stay within my August 2011 budget
  2. Condense my belongings down to 1 carload from 2
  3. Begin P90x & stick to it
    I think this might be a bit much for me to start with, so I am going to start with the Couch to 5k plan first, so P90x will have to wait until October 11th :). I know myself, & baby steps will keep me from getting discouraged!!!
  4. Read 365 Ways to Live Cheap & utilize/blog about some of the tips
  5. Make a final decision about getting a second job
  6. To make some sort of progress on my student loans! [when I get my official work schedule and decide on Goal #5, I can make numerical goals!
  7. Update: Finish this scarf I started about 2 years ago (yeah yeah, it’s August in Louisiana, but whatever!):

Fuzzy Scarf: work in progress!!!

And that’s pretty much it. I know it’s only seven goals (but hey, there’s only 22 days left of the month =P). I’m not a big fan of setting myself up for failure, and I think for a first try, these are achievable goals (plus I couldn’t think of any more that didn’t fall under one of those already listed). So, wish me luck!

My goals are this ambitious

Pic. Source


No Spend Week – Take 1

No Spend Week 1 Summarized in 1 Picture:

Exactly what it looks like

Gif. Source

So…how bad was it?

  • Monday, August 1st – I meant to spend my gift certificate, but Sobeys had closed early because of Heritage Day…so I got Wendy’s [& rum]
  • Tuesday, August 2nd – I meant to spend my gc…again, but I ended up hanging out at Chapters until it was closed. I bought a yoga book and a Dilbert book that was on clearance (I love Dilbert). I also got some DQ for dinner (& stopped by Safeway for some basic groceries).
  • Wednesday, August 3rd – I finally made it to the grocery store!!! I ended up going $5 over, so I used my debit to cover the remainder.
  • Thursday, August 4th – No Spending!!! =D [Celebrate good times, come on!]
  • Friday, August 5th – No Spending!!! My boss treated me to supper because it was my last day =/
  • Saturday, August 6th – I’ll be en route most of the day [13 hours], but there are expenses: 1) Sky Shuttle (18$CD) & 2) Checked Bags (2 at 25$ & 35$). I hardly think they count. If I had been thinking, they would have been on my exceptions list.

So all in all, it was a simply awful first no spending week. I’ll try again this coming week, and we’ll see if maybe I can get a sunshine smiley =)