Work It

Back in the day [high school], I was super fit. I ran track freshman and sophomore year and played volleyball in my later years. I ran a lot (did a half marathon – honestly a lot of walking 🙂 ), ate fairly well and regularly, my clothes fit, and I had pretty good skin. Flash forward a billion years (not that many). I’m starting my super senior year of college. I’m aware that we aren’t particularly supposed to look the way we did as teenagers as young adults, and I don’t really want to shoot for that (because I’m pretty sure my current bone structure keeps that from being achievable); however, I do miss being in shape. I miss walking up a few flights of stairs and not feeling like I’m going to keel over. I miss being able to wear my clothes over time instead of finding new pants every semester or resorting to skirts until I can squeeze into my jeans again because I couldn’t say no to that second trip to McDonald’s.

That tan is from the glow of the TV

So, I can sit here and complain about how sluggish I feel and how it affects my self-confidence, or, I can establish some healthy habits. I was looking at the P90X workout, but I decided that as someone who is not even remotely in shape, I shouldn’t start with something so intense. I am not necessarily a quitter, but when it comes to physical discomfort, I can be…well, a quitter person who does not follow through with their obligations. So I was perusing Nickel by Nickel‘s blog and ran across a program that she’s using called From Couch to 5K…a program for people like me, people who want to be in shape, feel better, and develop sustainable exercise habits. Tomorrow I begin! I’ll update y’all on my progress every Tuesday, so we’ll see if I’m ready for P90X in 9 weeks! Wish me luck, or let me know if you want to start (I am putting this up here so that I can hold myself accountable to someone!).