2015 Net Worth Update

Now that I’m back to actively trying to get my finances on track, I figured it’s about time to check out my Net Worth…for the first time in four years. 😦 I’m fairly confident it has gone down by a significant amount…however, my income has gone up significantly, so I’m hoping to change this quickly!

Assets: $1913.66

Liabilities: $27833.84

Net worth: -$25920.18

The very simple way to find this, for those of you who have not tried to find your Net Worth before, is to add your assets (car, house, expensive item, etc.) and then your liabilities (loans, personal loans, bills, balances, etc.). Subtract the latter from the former. When I did so, I ended up with a net worth of – $25920.18. Which is pretty terrible compared to the average for my age group, which is $8525 (according to sources).

I have a few major purchases that will probably need to happen within the next year or two, and I need an emergency fund built up, so there’s a lot of major repairs that need to happen with my finances. It’s hard to try to deal with all the cards on the table, but it’s my just dessert for not being a tight wad and instead being a loose spender for a few years.



Darn you Southgate Mall

Today was a sad day for my wallet. I went to the mall today…alone. Worst idea ever. Always, always bring a shopping buddy. They’ll be able to ask you, “Do you really need that tea sampler from David’s Tea? Do you really need that tea mug with an infuser in it?

But the tea is sooooo good! I got the Sweet Indulgent sampler, and I tried Long Life Oolong today. I have to admit it right here. I love tea. And although my wallet will be quite a bit lighter, I am very happy with my purchases. And look at the box! Look how cute it is (and that’s where my weakness lies). It’s actually pretty tragic for my school supply stash that Borders is closing. It’s where I always picked up all my pens and stuff, and it’ll be gone by the time I get back from Canada =(

Stitches was having a $5 sale! I found my favorite style of dress! Empire-waist, pocketed, the kind you wear tights under. They’re very hard to find, so I bought a white one, navy, black, and gray. Ignore that price tag. They were on the $5 rack. Oh, and two pairs of flats. I love flats. I ditched all of them except my black pair and my bronze pair when I moved out of my apartment in May. So now I have a white pair and a yellow pair!!!

Yes, I wear a size 10. Don’t judge. Sometimes, I can wear a 9; however, for flats I need at least a 9.5, and they didn’t have them, so tens! I am actually really excited about these shoes. I already know what outfits I’m going to wear them with! And, my home school’s colors are purple and gold, so if I’m able to nab a purple dress, I can make those yellow shoes work it!

I also got 5 shirts from Bluenotes, who was also having a sale (5 for 20). They’re AWESOME!!! I also got a dress there for $15. Not quite as good of a steal as I would have liked (I swear it was on the $8 rack, but that “and up” was very very small (watch for that).  It’s very hard to find dresses that fit my, erm, bosom, so it was a really great find.

I also got a cardigan (yes, it’s summer, but I love cardigans). It rarely gets cold enough in Louisiana to warrant having a coat and the like, so I thought it was kind of patriotic. It would be super patriotic with the white dress I mentioned above! I snapped it with a pashima that I really liked from the Dollarama.

I also got a foot-long from Subways to eat for lunch/dinner, and a ginger ale. Oh, and two tote-bags to use for shopping from the Dollarama (they’re really fantastic).

That’s about it for my mini “shopping spree,” although to be fair, it’s the first time I’ve been shopping in Canada, so this isn’t a common occurrence. I also got lost in the mall. It’s big! It’s also sort of like a big square, which I learned when I walked all the way around to find that the exit I needed to leave from was right next to my starting point. I took the train over, so that was exciting. I always like taking it. I have to say, when I’m back in Louisiana, it’s going to be really strange. I think I’ll probably enjoy the heat (yeah, easy to say now), but I’ll really miss the acceptance of sustainability initiatives that are in Edmonton. I’m going to use the bejeesus out of my reusable bags! I’ll also miss the social acceptance here (gay marriage = not a big deal), and a slew of other things.

So, today was more of a “fudget” day, and I have a feeling that I will suffer for it later =/