“Can you not”

That’s a phrase my kids (cough – erm – my students) say all of the time. They’re seventeen and are pretty sassy, but whenever something isn’t going their way, they turn, hold up their hand and say “Can you not” and turn back to what they’re doing.

Since getting this job and the … rough birthday series finale of me and old bf, I’ve sort of been rampantly not taking care of my finances. Or health. I weighed myself yesterday and looked at my bank account and found myself looking in the mirror and saying “Can you not” to myself. “Can you not” ruin your health? “Can you not” ruin your finances? “Can you not” act like you shouldn’t set goals and should drift paycheck to paycheck?

And so here I am.

Back again. Trying to not ruin my health. Trying to not ruin my finances. Trying to not act like I shouldn’t set goals and should drift paycheck to paycheck.

  • I’m back up to my February 2013 weight (and my September 2014 weight). Ugh. Until I’m at the halfway point of weight loss, I’m going to stick with walking and weights. I have the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my knees, so I would like to weigh less before I start running again. If you want to follow my progress, check out my My Fitness Pal.
  • I’m making roughly twice as much as I did when I worked at my old job, but am somehow living paycheck to paycheck still. I’ve been avoiding some bills, and have accumulated too large of an amount of debt. I am also going to need to have a different vehicle soon – mine is starting to appear to be on its last legs. I opted to be paid during the summer, so even though I won’t actually be working I’ll still get my regular paycheck and such. I want to find a summer job so double-paycheck. I can use the extra plus extra from my regular check to pay off as much of my debt as possible. The goal is once I have at least a month’s income put away in my Emergency Fund, have paid off all of my debts (excluding my student loans), and have a sizable down-payment saved, I can purchase a relatively new vehicle. I need to find a standard budget and a debt repayment plan that is practical.
  • Goals…well, I’d like to not be a teacher forever. At least, that’s not the plan right now. I certainly enjoy it; however, it’s emotionally exhausting, and I feel later on it will be difficult to maintain my emotional health when I have a family. So I’m applying to graduate school for a masters in engineering. We’ll see how that works out relatively soon. I’m still writing my personal statement. Ick.

So here, on Three-Three, I look myself back in the eye after saying “Can you not” and reply “I won’t.”



Back from Outer Space

falll I’m back! From outer space! Just walked in to find me here…etc. etc. etc. A lot has happened since my last update forever ago. Which I hardly think could have possibly been a year ago…but I guess it was. So far: I have a new job! I teach engineering design and development and advanced math at a magnet high school. I’m not trained for this, so it can be stressful, but that’s okay 🙂 I’m still in debt…if anything in more, so it’s time to start actually keeping track of my spending instead of ruining my credit and being all sad. bf & I are on a break right now because I just moved, he is moving, he is in the process of transferring to an unopened store, I have a new job, and we work opposing schedules. We’re going to a haunted house for my birthday in a few weeks, and so the plan is to pick up where we left off. We’re moving into the same complex, I’m just a month ahead, so that’s sure to help!

October Part Two Goals:

  • Get down to 175 lbs
  • Use MFP & my new apartment’s gym
  • Finish Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Finish unpacking… 😦

October Part Two Budget:

  • 75% toward debt repayment
  • 12% toward utilities
  • 13% toward miscellaneous (gas, food, etc)

Good-Bye October!

I am now officially 25, Halloween has passed, and my addiction to pumpkin anything will continue!


October Goals Progress:

  • Have $100 in my emergency fund
  • Bring my total of completed granny squares for bf’s blanket up to 400
  • Order checks
  • Sell some crochet/knit products – I have a buyer lined up for a hat!
  • Exercise 3x a week – I’m not even going to pretend I tried.
  • Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch with bf – and it was delicious!
  • Go to a pumpkin patch with bf
  • End the month with a 4.0 in my coursework
  • Have a debt repayment plan – does it count as a plan if I’m just paying the minimum until I can find a second job? Though…I did pay two WAY overdue debts to the girl doctor, so yay debt repayment!
  • Car Work (inspection, headlight, oil, belt) – I changed my headlight!
  • Lose 5-7 lbs
  • Learn a new knitting or crocheting technique – I learned to do the St John’s Wort stitch!
  • Make a 5 year planStill putting this off…not that I’m scared of the future or anything

October Highlights:

  • bf got me a red Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday! Best. Present. Ever!!!
  • Henna’d my hair (now I’m auburn!)
  • Paid off two smaller debts that I’ve been sadly avoiding for almost a year
  • Roommate had a surprise appendectomy
  • Got a UTI (and treatment for one), and a tetanus shot (which actually hurt)
  • Got a new “niece”!!! What do you call the niece of your bf? His family calls me “Aunt Lacey” and I have a picture of her up at my desk, so I am claiming her as my niece!
Pumpkin Pie

Delicious homemade pie!


Week in Review 10.1-3

This month I’ve… 

  • Started knitting a sweater for bf’s dog
  • Went to a craft fair
  • Got to meet my new “niece”
  • Finally watched Iron Man 3

I bought…

  • A laundry hamper
  • Groceries
  • Cardigan (that I promptly got candle wax on…need to get on cleaning that)
  • Redbox movies (IM3 & Now You See Me)
  • 2 Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes (& pumpkin spice creamer to make my own!)

October Goal Progress includes…

  • Baked a pumpkin pie from scratch with bf! (Pictures to come)
  • Changed my headlight!

How has your October been?


October! October! October!


Can you tell October is my favorite time of year? Can you? CAN YOU?

Well it is. And not just because my birthday is this month 😉 This Monday is also my and bf’s first anniversary together :3 and it’s the date of his sister’s c-section! And that is super exciting because we don’t know the sex of the baby, and I want to know!!! But it also is a month of pumpkin things (read: pumpkin spice chai latte, pumpkin patch ice cream, pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin shaped candy corn, etc.). Not to mention it’s in my favorite season, autumn. Here in the boot, it’s still in the 80’s-90’s most days; but it has cooled off a lot. With this month being full of so much, I’m going to have to watch my budget.

October Goals:

  • Have $100 in my emergency fund
  • Bring my total of completed granny squares for bf’s blanket up to 400
  • Order checks
  • Sell some crochet/knit products
  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch with bf
  • Go to a pumpkin patch with bf
  • End the month with a 4.0 in my coursework
  • Have a debt repayment plan
  • Car Work (inspection, headlight, oil, belt)
  • Lose 5-7 lbs
  • Learn a new knitting or crocheting technique
  • Make a 5 year plan

I hope you all have a wonderful October!

Good-Bye September!

So long, farewell! And now I get to come to the realization that 75% of the year is over. Incredible.


September Goals Progress:

  • Obtain a part-time job in addition to my new job – I had two job interviews, and one seemed really promising, but no call backs yet. I also set up an e-lance account for freelance presentation and course design, as well as an Etsy store for my knitting and crocheting, so we’ll see if there are any bites.
  • Bring my total of completed granny squares for bf’s blanket up to 400 – Sitting at a cool 200ish. I didn’t make a single one; however, I did make him some really kick-a$$ Link Gauntlets so there’s that.
  • Order checks – I got blank checks, but no fancy ones are ordered yet.
  • Walk around the lakes near my house at least 3x a week – No walking.
  • Cut out soda from my diet by the end of the month – I am down to a max of 2 a day from 4, so that’s good. I don’t think I’ll try to cut it completely – I really like soda, but I want to cut down on the amount.
  • Practice yoga 2x a week – No. I stopped going to the studio I was volunteering at. Surprisingly enough, it got incredibly stressful because it kept interfering with seeing bf during the week and was hard to do after working from 7:30-5.
  • Bake a new pie from my Williams&Sonoma cookbook – No, but check in on October goals..
  • End the month with a 4.0 in my coursework – I have a high B in psychology and I suppose an A in number theory. I don’t really have grades in the latter. The B frustrates me because some of the questions on our exam were “From the example in lecture 1” but…I wasn’t enrolled yet and the person I got notes from didn’t take good ones (apparently) so I’m counting it.
  • Have a debt repayment plan taking into account the new PT job
  • Get my car inspected
  • Lose 5-7 lbs
  • Have at least 3 fun, free, and goofy dates with bf 🙂 – we hung out a good bit this month 🙂
  • Start working on my…gasp…five year plan

September wasn’t hugely amazing or anything, and to be honest I’m a bit glad it’s over with, but that may also be because I absolutely love pumpkin spice and my birthday and such, so yay October!

Week in Review 9.3

9.3 mosaic

This week I…

  • Finished a 20 page study guide for my psychology test
  • Finished bf’s sister’s baby  blanket!
  • Had a job interview (that went really well)
  • Played with the most spoiled dog in the world
  • Ate entirely too many candy corn pumpkins
  • Have to make some paradigm changes to be less insecure

I bought…

  • BILLS (well paid not bought)
  • Gas
  • Dresses
  • Candy corn pumpkins

September Goal Progress includes…

  • Had an interview for a second job (part-time) that went really well. They just have to clear me missing some of training. I also applied for more e-lance jobs for course and presentation design, so we’ll see.

How was your week?