Link Love – December Ed.

Here’s some December Link Love! Ch-ch-check ’em out!!!

Happy Blogger-versary! “Celebrate the SPF 1 year anniversary giveaway at Sustainable Personal Finance where you can win an iPad 2 package (co-sponsored by Prairie Eco Thrifter), a bunch of green tech gizmos and cash.”
– Sustainable Personal Finance & Prairie Eco Thrifter

Make your own Detergent! “What do you think? Is 33 minutes of your time worth saving $23.88 a year? (Or $191.04 over the life of the ingredients I invested in last year?)”
Girl with the Red Balloon 

25 Free Finance Tools: “Budgeting money is stressful for most but this is even truer for college students. Luckily, the Internet is loaded with free tools and apps to get you started on securing your financial future.”
Grad Money Matters

Bottoms up! “And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works.” (taxes explained via beer)
Fabulously Broke 

Do’s & Don’ts! “Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe I’m a weirdo, and everyone else starts blogging so that NO ONE will ever read what they have to say. And if that’s the case, I’ll give you 10 ways to make sure you never gain a single reader, other than maybe your mom. Or the crazy stalker that’s trying to hunt you down and steal locks of your hair to make a voodoo doll.”
So Over Debt

13 Stats! Women & Finances – Educate yourself! 🙂
Smart Money Chicks

You can do it! “Six months ago today, I started blogging (again) at Blonde on a Budget. My first post was one of the toughest I have ever written, but I was right about one thing: the feeling of being maxed out is something I will never forget.”
Blonde on  a Budget

Bucket List! Really makes you think, what’s on your financial bucket list?
Fabulously Fru-girl


Link Love!

This is my first “Link Love” post, but so many things that are being written have struck a cord in me, made me reflect on how I’m living my life,  have made me more aware of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, or are opportunities I simply want to share. So, when you have time, go check out the following posts:

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Close friends have both been talking about the importance of honesty in the writing of a good blog. That’s something I avoid like the plague ’round these parts, instead sharing inane lists of how many miles I plan to run in a month or what financial goals I’m patting myself on the back for lately. Today I will put my pride aside because this needs to be said, even if I’m the only one hearing it.NeverNiche

There once was a gal from Tennessee
Who was in so much CC debt she could barely breathe
She created a budget
And paid off that nugget
Now she’s ballin’ like Buffet
Red at Girl with the Red Balloon

So, I think tragically, fat people hide.  Not because they want to, but because they don’t want to be publicly humiliated.  So they don’t run for city council, they don’t take that class, they don’t go to the gym, they don’t go for their Ph.D to become a professor, they turn down that opportunity to speak at a local organization.  Not because they don’t want to do these things, but because they fear the junior high school teasing that can come along with it.Ragen at Dances with Fat

Here are the details: each month, a point person will choose a book and host the book club on their blog for that month. The point person will be responsible for getting the discussion going by posting a review, and hopefully a few questions for everyone to ponder. The point is to get talking to one another, to meet new PFers, and to get to know old PFers better.Deena at DeenaDollars