My Money Personality

I was perusing LearnVest (which I find myself doing during pretty much all of my free time when I’m not knitting – yeah, I’m an old lady. What of it?), when I ran across an article linking to this quiz to find out my Money Personality Profile. My understanding is that you have a primary and a secondary “Money Personality” that can reveal a bit about how you view and handle money. So what were my results?


Honestly, at first I thought “Saver? Have they not seen my sidebar? Do they not see how empty my widgets are?!?!”But then I thought about what led me to being there in the first place. Only approximately 13% of my debt is consumer debt – the rest is student loans. And most of my bad money management occurred many years ago. Still a little iffy about the Saver part, I looked at my secondary money personality. The “Security Seeker” part I am totally in agreement with; a friend has even dubbed me the “optimistic worry wart.” I am completely and utterly a planner at heart, and this even correlates with other personality tests I have taken. So I decided to read more about their definition of “Saver,” which is as follows:

Your Money Personality™: Saver

While all Savers don’t always save in the same ways, there are some traits that are common to most Savers. You’re a Saver if you:

  • Get a genuine rush from saving money.  It’s a source of pride to get something you wanted for less.
  • Are organized, responsible, and trustworthy when it comes to money.  A Saver won’t tap out the kids’ college fund to pay for a new boat.
  • Rarely spend impulsively.  Savers will scour the Internet for deals, plan every detail of a vacation, and make sure they have the money in hand before making a purchase.
  • Avoid credit card debt like head lice.  Savers hate paying interest and accruing debt.  They want to pay off every bill, in full, right away.

Of course each money personality also has its challenges.

  • A joy stealer.  If you’re a Saver and your partner isn’t, your resistance to spending money can take the fun out of everything from seeing a movie to going on vacation.
  • Overly focused on financial goals.  Often, the reason Savers are joy stealers is that they tend to only think about the money.  It’s great to have firm financial goals and to work hard to meet them, but sometimes Savers need to swallow their anxiety and let themselves – and others – just enjoy life.
  • Obsessive about moneySavers love to talk about money, think about money, and worry about money.  The money obsession can also get so annoying to the Saver’s partner that he no longer wants to be part of financial conversations.
  • Cheap.  Most Savers have a hard time parting with their money, so much so that they come across as cheap and even selfish to other people.

Savers can be great partners because they are careful about spending and usually spend wisely.  The challenge is for them to see money as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

My Thoughts:

I highlighted and italicized in orange the parts that really spoke to me the most. I do get a genuine rush from saving money and staying within my budget. There is an incredible high from clicking that “pay” button, and I must be the only person I know who enjoys paying bills. I think that is part of the planning and organization that comes next. I do, however, spend impulsively every once in a while, but more often than not I carry something around with me in the cart and then put it back after about 15 or 20 minutes. Also…since I obviously have credit card debt, I didn’t avoid it that well.

The vices…yeah I have pretty much all of those 🙂 bf and I were actually talking about it the other day, where he says “Treating someone to dinner once a week isn’t a big deal” to which I replied “Yes it is! That’s at least 150/month on eating out with someone! That’s almost half my rent!” Money is something that is constantly on my mind; however, I wouldn’t call myself cheap. When it comes to quality about something I care about, I am willing to spend to get it. At the end they do have sage advice, that money is a mean and not an end.


Always watching you…

Other Types

I’ve already mentioned that there are five, and the “Saver” and “Security Seeker,” but there are also the:

  • Spender – Spend it on yourself and others!
  • Risk Taker – Ready to put yourself out there if there is a potential positive payout!
  • Flyer – The nonchalant spender!

One thing I do like is that they are very clear that none of these are bad and that there isn’t a right or wrong answer as long as you’re balanced.


I think their overall take-home point is that money affects relationships in different ways, and seeing how two people view finances can alleviate future problems before they happen. If I had to guess, I would say bf is a primary “Spender” and a secondary “Security Seeker,” but I did this for personal curiosity (although now I’m curious of what he’ll get), so I don’t have too much to say on that end. I know that I seem to be more money conscious than he is, but then again, I’m following about a million pf blogs daily, reading articles all over the internet, and blogging/storyboarding all the time about this stuff…so I’m not sure if it’s fair to compare!

And if you want to find out more, check out The Money Couple for more details!!