Alot of Spending?

I promise I know the difference, I just wanted to use this pic!

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I love HyperboleandaHalf, thank her for this No Spend Week’s pic! [In this alternate universe, 1 week is actually 11 days and every successive week is 7 days]. So…did I stay within even my monthly budget? Weeeellllll…no. Was it reasonable to expect myself to spend $50 on groceries & eating out total? No. Good things? The money I’ve spent on coffee is still $0!!! So, where am I at?

  • 10/1: No Spend Day!!!
  • 10/2: No Spend Day!!!
  • 10/3: $15.13 – $1.25 Vending Machine Coke; transferred $20 from Savings; $13.88 for food at Walmart ( I was desparate at that point)
  • 10/4: $5.21 at Campus Food Store
  • 10/5: No Spend Day!!!
  • 10/6: PAID: $199.29; $92.76 – $87.65 at Walmart for Cyrano (35.09) & Supplies & some food ($46.83) & patterns ($5.94); $5.11 t McDonald’s 😦
  • 10/7: $12.81 – $1.25 Vending Machine Coke; $11.56 at Walmart for Fish Supplies
  • 10/8: PAID: $110; $57.66 at B&N for a GRE ’12 Prep book ($35), ASL Dictionary ($12), & a Magnet ($5)
  • 10/9: $18.88 – $13.78 for food at Walmart; $5.10 at Campus Food Store
  • 10/10: $48.31 – $7.29 at Panda Express; $33.81 on food for my roommate ($6.96) & hygiene supplies (razors, shaving cream, shampoo, etc) ($26.85), $2.82 on a Rt 44 LemonBerry Slush from Sonic, $4.39 for a large order of beignet fingers
  • 10/11: $2.50 on Vending Machine Cokes ($1.25 x 2 for 24oz)

Total Income: $309.29. Total Spent: $253.26. Total No Spend Days: 3
I know this may seem boring to some of you (and you can skip it if you want 😉 ) But I really need to see where my money is going at this point. I haven’t been tracking it (I bought a ledger book but I never looked up how to use it)…so I didn’t realize I had spent this much money.

My food budget is really what I’ve been struggling with. bf informed me that a person should spend about $7 every day on food, and while I haven’t found information online that adheres strictly to that, I have found statistics that say the weekly range would be $38.90 (thrifty) to $76.80 (liberal), and $49 a week fits well within that range. If this is the case, my total food budget should be $217 each month…and this would mean I have $100.67 left for the rest of the month for food, or $5.03 each day.

My financial standings as of right now are unhappy:
Savings: $3.02
Checking: $57.80
Cash: $20
Anticipated Paycheck (10/21/11):  $188.83 – $254.20

Essentially, I need to figure out some system for myself so that I realize how much I’m spending and acknowledge it before it happens…if that makes sense. I tend to be an emotional spender, and it’s really holding me back from establishing good habits. I need to figure out how to make an effective budget…tips are welcome! I’m going to research this, so expect some sort of update soon!



The Darkest of No Spend Weeks

The weeks since 09/06/11 have been the darkest of no spend weeks. It seems that my brain did not pick up the habit of not spending. It is really depressing to go back through my bank statement (because I haven’t been keeping myself on a budget or keeping up with receipts like I was before). I look now at how much money was wasted and think, well, I could not mention this to any of you, but how shameful would I feel? Very. And what’s the point of having a PF blog to use anonymously to track my expenses, hear advice, and just talk about how frustrating it is to bust your butt on the road behind the wagon. I think that is enough self-pitying, frustration talk for me. All I can do is get back up and try again! It’s never too late to save 🙂

It was the worst of times…for spending

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* Disclaimer: This spending report involves heavy spending, disappearing paychecks, and withdrawals from my savings account. Be prepared.

  • 09/06/11 – No Spend Day & Payday! $40.13 (a “supplementary” pay from working back in August)
  • 09/07/11 – No Spend Day & Putting $36.98 back into my savings account to bring it to $100
  • 09/08/11 – No Spend Day!
  • 09/09/11 – Payday! $199.29. Spent: $19.62 on Hobby Lobby crafts (to make a birthday present for a friend) & food
  • 09/10/11, 09/11/11 – No Spend Days!
  • 09/12/11 – Spent: $230.54. This included registering for the psychology GRE ($140), GRE practice books ($32.65), and $57.89 on things I DID NOT NEED 😦 I also transferred $75 from my savings account to make sure I could pay for these purchases.
  • 09/13/11 – Spent: $44.50. This was spent on traveling to a friend of mine’s wake who had died in a car wreck the previous week.
  • 09/14/11 – No Spend Day & I received the $217 excess from my Loans. I put $175 of it in my savings account to bring it up to $200 (and replace what I had withdrawn before).
  • 09/15/11 – Spent $11.78 on junk food
  • 09/16/11 – Spent $86.51 ($40 of this was on a haircut I promised myself once I hit $200 in my savings account – I desperately needed one); however, it was a moot reward because I transferred $50 to my checking account later that day to pay for other things and then did it again (that same day!!!) for a total withdrawal of $100.
  • 09/17/11 – Spent: $32.95 on supplies to make Cinabon Cheesecake
  • 09/18/11 – Spent: $8.19 at Sonic
  • 09/19/11 – $2.81 on a Dr. Pepper Cherry & Now-n-Laters (which will be my only purchases today if it kills me)

And so, total spent: $428.71. Total Income: $456.42. Is it any wonder I’m ashamed of myself? Two weeks. Maybe I should just cut up my debit card. 

No Spend Week(s)

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Okay, so these don’t really count…mainly because I thought I lost my wallet, so I cancelled my debit card, and  have still not received a replacement, so the only way I can get money is to go to my bank, which is located far away (and would use up gas etc). So, I have spent the following monies:

8/25/11-9/4/11: 10 no spend days!!!

9/5/11: $20 (cash) on gas

9/6/11: Another no spend day! (and so far, today is as well)

So in the last two weeks, I have had 11 no spend days and one spend day (woohoo!)…but I’m not sure if it counts, because if I had my wallet, I probably would have spent a bit of my money…so now it’s piling up…and when I get paid on Friday, I’ll finally have enough to put another $100 in my savings account (and still be able to register for the Psyc GRE-whose deadline is Friday)!!! So I suppose in the case of losing my wallet (for a day), this is the good side of cancelling my card.

[And I swear I will start posting more. I will have to create a real post sked, so that I feel more obligated to do so. What I’ve learned in Cognitive Psyc is essentially that if you don’t set concrete goals, you’re not going to get a single thing done, and I think that’s true with financial goals].


No Spend Week – Take 2

This was even worse than week 1 in amount; however, I did have some no spend days!!! Granted, a lot of these purchases were for other people or were required (tuition), so it’s a little involuntary different. It was …

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  • Sunday – No purchases!!!
  • Monday – $86.49
    Target & I took my little brother to see Captain America.
  • Tuesday – No purchases!!!
  • Wednesday – $506.01; Deposited – $100 Savings, $930 Checking
    Gas, groceries, & tuition!!!
  • Thursday – $126.64
    Groceries, gas, & textbooks!
  • Friday – $7.25
    Daiquiri with friends 🙂 
  • Saturday – $22.64; Babysitting Monies – $30
    Treated BF to McDonald’s & Walmart

Total Spent – $741.73; Total deposited in Savings – $100
2 no spend days? Same last week! Although, my spend days were a lot higher…but on things like tuition & textbooks. Good luck with your own no spend weeks!!!
Note: Updated to include 9 Dragon food I forgot about… 


No Spend Week – Take 1

No Spend Week 1 Summarized in 1 Picture:

Exactly what it looks like

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So…how bad was it?

  • Monday, August 1st – I meant to spend my gift certificate, but Sobeys had closed early because of Heritage Day…so I got Wendy’s [& rum]
  • Tuesday, August 2nd – I meant to spend my gc…again, but I ended up hanging out at Chapters until it was closed. I bought a yoga book and a Dilbert book that was on clearance (I love Dilbert). I also got some DQ for dinner (& stopped by Safeway for some basic groceries).
  • Wednesday, August 3rd – I finally made it to the grocery store!!! I ended up going $5 over, so I used my debit to cover the remainder.
  • Thursday, August 4th – No Spending!!! =D [Celebrate good times, come on!]
  • Friday, August 5th – No Spending!!! My boss treated me to supper because it was my last day =/
  • Saturday, August 6th – I’ll be en route most of the day [13 hours], but there are expenses: 1) Sky Shuttle (18$CD) & 2) Checked Bags (2 at 25$ & 35$). I hardly think they count. If I had been thinking, they would have been on my exceptions list.

So all in all, it was a simply awful first no spending week. I’ll try again this coming week, and we’ll see if maybe I can get a sunshine smiley =)