Year of the Phoenix

That’s really just my fancy way of saying “2012 in Review!.” I was going to hold off on posting until February 1st (start off the new month with a new habit kind of deal)…but then I realized at this point I don’t really have a good reason to do so.  I read that a big reason that New Year Resolutions fail is lack of self-control…but not only that, that you’re trying to change too much at once. And I suppose thinking about it, it makes sense. I mean really. Who is going to suddenly do an hour of yoga and an hour of exercising every day, pay off all their debt in a month by not buying anything ever, start dieting, get three new jobs, and volunteer ten hours a week all at once [I’m pretty sure I thought I would in 2012…craziness]?

I’ll make the generalized statement of “No one,” and the Wall Street Journal would agree. But I’ll get more into why I care about that in the first place later and just say I started off the year forming other habits and had planned to wait until they were completely ingrained, THEN I read about how it can take on average two months to form a habit (as opposed to three weeks, which is what I always thought). And I’m not waiting until March to start writing again. So. Down to business.

2012: Year of the Phoenix – in Review

Well, why call it that? Primarily because it was a year of unmaking and making my life. A  year of destruction and construction. Execution and execution (gotta love those contranyms). It may also be important to note that this isn’t a financial year in review. That’ll come later. shudder


  • Didn’t graduate (whew – definitely the hardest to type out loud)
  • Dumped by boyfriend of four years a week after talking about marriage/living together
  • Fired from both of my jobs
  • Lots of car problems (transmission cables, alternator problems, four new tires, etc.)
  • I abandoned Budget or Fudget
  • I used my entire EF on tuition
  • I noticed that I’ve started to “look wiser” (aka I’m going white at 24)
  • I lost my wallet twice (excuse my French, but this was a PAIN IN THE ASS since one time was while I was in Florida)
  • Tacked on another $400 in CC debt
  • Depression management was a #fail for a while
  • Did not fulfill 9/10 of my 2012 New Year Resolutions

Looking back at some of this year.


  • I was paid to work at UWF in Pensacola this summer (Awesome! Beach! Networking!)
  • I got two new jobs to replace my old ones! One is as an ACT instructor, which I do whenever I can, and the other is working for my state’s government as a course designer for its consulting unit (which I am doing full-time, though I’m not salaried and don’t have benefits. Money! Experience! Networking!)
  • I haven’t figured out quite what I want to do yet, but I’ve narrowed it down a lot and didn’t get sucked into doing graduate school for something I don’t want to do
  • I have a new and stronger support system of friends, probably the best I’ve had in years; you never notice how lonely you are until you’re alone
  • I did achieve one of my 2012 New Year Resolutions, to lose some weight. Ended the year with a net loss of about 30 pounds, so whoop whoop!
  • I’ve been engaging in hobbies and personal growth (lots of knitting and baking)
  • I met someone :3
  • I stopped living on campus, which means bills in my name and credit building!
  • I’m on this journey to be my own person and not rely on other people for fulfillment

Looking back at the rest of this year.

I have a lot I wish to achieve in 2013 and am taking those steps, but that’s another post for another time. I missed y’all and am glad to be back!