So Where’ve I been?

So as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a little awol the last few weeks. One of those (the last week of March) was legitimate “I’m at Gulf Shores having fun in a condo with the bf woooooooo!!!” But the last two weeks were not anticipated “awol” weeks…so what’s been up?

  • I’ve been heading home (~250 mi roundtrip) every weekend. My grandpa has stage 4 prostate, bone, and liver cancer and it’s going badly, so he moved in with my parents. As soon as I get off work, I head home and stay through Sunday/Monday morning. He and my grandmother (who is almost blind) are both deaf, and my mom and I are the only ones who can really talk to them, so the weekends are pretty full while I try to give my parents a break.
  • My. Job. I am thankful to have a job, but my deadlines have been moved up by several months, and I have been given two additional projects. We have two people doing the jobs of seven…so it’s a bit much to even be asked to collaborate on another project, much less head two more. As an instructional designer, it does take time to process the information, create the course, send it to the client, wait for the client’s feedback, etc. etc. Plus promotion problems (you’re eligible! you’re not eligible! no wait you are!!!). It’s been a lot of runaround and is exhausting. 
  • I’ve been sleeping badly (which for me means sleepwalking), and I have a peptic ulcer 😦 (which for me means intense pain, although I’ve lost my March weight gain 😛 )
  • My parents’ dogs (that I love dearly) are sick.
  • I desperately need to go to the dentist.
  • I had to apply for reentry into my university because I took the semester off, and haven’t heard anything back…so I can’t schedule or do anything education related.
  • Because of the huge increase in my gas bill and March being a #YOLO month, I’ve put myself into a bind for the rest of the year as far as saving up for tuition etc. (which is completely my own fault).
  • bf and I have been running on different schedules, so I haven’t gotten to really see him or talk to him in over a week.

So pretty much I’ve been sleeping, sleep-walking, working, and doing things for my parents (a la cleaning the refrigerator) for the last two weeks and feel run ragged. I still need to do my March Budget Recap and April goals (though it feels silly to do 12 days in, but whatever!). I’m going to try to get back into the habit of blogging more, because it does make me happy. So that’s pretty much the gist of the last few weeks…plus I need to properly celebrate having over 100 posts 😛