“When I’m Rich & Famous List”


  • School supplies!
  • Black Knee High Boots! 
  • KitchenAid Mixer! An awesome birthday present! So many things to bake!
  • A new watch. I love love love this one, but that will have to be a “when I’m rich and famous” purchase 😉
  • Diploma! Graduation! Quit being so far away!
  • Haribo Raspberries (need I say more?)
  • A haircut (Split end city)
  • Love etc. Perfume 
  • Traveling (symbolized by mountains). I haven’t been more than 2-3 hours away from my city since August, and even then that was because I had spent the summer doing an internship somewhere else. I’m getting the wanderlust y’all.
  • Anatomical heart locket 
  • A new purse. Maybe not even that one.
  • A brand new car! And by that I mean a Mazda cx-7. My parents bought one recently, and I love-love-love driving it. It gets great gas mileage, it’s big enough to go camping in but small enough that it’s not obnoxious, and it has great features. This is sort of a when I’m super rich and famous item

And I guess that’s all I’m lusting over right now. It may seem silly to have a page dedicated to this, but updating it and removing things makes me feel good…in that I’ve noticed what has stayed on this list over the years and what things have flitted in and out…so when I am actually in a position to make purchases like these, I can see what I actually want versus what were “ooh shiny I want that” moments.


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